Career Jam Connect Benefits

The Career Jam™ Ecosystem 

Imagine a unique and immersive experience unlike any other workforce initiative for students, educators, employers and families that will reshape career pathways.

That’s Career Jam.   The premier workforce solution.

Career Jam reinforces communities' regional workforce development ecosystems by sparking the art of the possible. 

Career Jam Connect: Access + Connect + Engage to Bridge the School-to-Work Divide 

As the sustained, centralized hub of the Career Jam ecosystem, Career Jam Connect (CJC) streamlines Access, Connection & Engagement to networks of like-minded professionals and dedicated community leaders to develop ed-to-workforce pathways. Enrich area students and build a pipeline of regional talent to serve career sectors in-demand. Engage and facilitate relevant event planning, notification, and efficient sharing of career ed resources in real-time and in one-place. 


Career Jam Connect streamlines ed-to-workforce pathways for educators and employers:

Develop and Implement

Enhance student applied learning and teacher professional development with market validated programs and activities, such as mentoring and externships.

Access Resources in Real-Time

Share content, best practices, curriculum,  event registration & notifications.

Foster Powerful Collaboration

Allows educator and employer engagement to enrich activities that fit specific market needs.

Coordinate Career Development Services

Establish, expand, and maintain employer to educator partnerships.

Discover Curriculum

Find or provide market-driven ed courses to integrate workplace learning content into core-academic areas.

Career Jam™  highlights the skills needed for employment across the 18 Career Clusters:

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources • Architecture & Construction • Arts, A/V Technology & Communications • Business, Management & Administration • Education & Training • Energy •  Finance • Government & Public Administration • Health Sciences • Hospitality & Tourism • Human Services • Information Technology • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security • Manufacturing • Marketing • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics • Trades • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics